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Five rules to making PPC work for you

Pay per click can be a great way to instantly generate traffic to your site for a relatively low cost – if you do it right. But getting it right is more tricky than you’d think.


What is pay per click advertising and where does it fit in your business?

Pay per click marketing, or PPC, is pretty simple: search engines such as Google and Bing allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results.

Online businesses and customer engagement

eCommerce has thus far flattered to deceive. Despite the hype surrounding it, eCommerce conversion rates remain low on desktops at around 3% and reduce further on smartphones, with tablet users converting somewhere in the middle.

checkout abandonment

7 Steps to Reduce Checkout Abandonment

The words ‘checkout abandonment’ are two of the most frustrating words for any eCommerce seller.


6 ways small businesses can use big data

There has been a growing trend over the past few years towards what is known as ‘big data’. This is largely the data thrown off by all web users as they go about their business and which has, until now, largely been ignored.

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Five ways to use analytics to boost sales

OK, so there are many ways to measure what is going on on your site and to track visitors, but how can you use this data to directly increase sales?


Six of the best web analytics tools

There are many different applications that offer website analytics – some free, some paid for and some offering a mixture of both. Depending on what you are trying to do they each have their own merits, but here are some of the key ones that we think are the best place to start.


Analytics: what they are and how to use them

A recent survey of US retailers by EKN Research reached the conclusion that 80% of online retailers are lagging way behind uber-online retailer Amazon when it comes to data analytics. Clearly startling news, but what exactly are web analytics and why should you be concerned?


The top 4 challenges of SEO

SEO is getting increasingly challenging. Visibility in search is ever more vital for any eCommerce businesses, but reviewing and optimising keywords for even a small website can be a long and time-consuming task.

Greg Murray - Priocept

How being ‘bespoke’ can drive your business

‘Bespoke’ is a dirty word in e-commerce and IT. But it can be the key to transformational growth, says Greg Murray, Client Services Director at leading Internet technology consultancy, Priocept.

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How to build, launch and grow a profitable online store

Setting up a business online can prove to be an extremely rewarding business decision when each key step is prepared for in advance. So don’t panic: here’s my guide to building, launching and growing a profitable online store.


Sites where you can find bloggers

So where do you go to find bloggers to write about your business? You need to hang out where they hang out. Social media is one way to do it, but there are also a wealth of third party sites where bloggers ‘hang out’ and where you can connect with them.


How to hook and land bloggers

Getting bloggers to write about you is a great way to endorse your business and promote your products, but in practice getting them to notice you is no easy task. There may be many bloggers covering your line of business or you may be so niche that there is just the one, but getting their attention is hard.

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Fastlane 3

Two great examples of guest blogging

So who is doing a good job of using guest blogs to drive interest and content on the web? Here are a couple of very different examples that we here at eSeller like.


Why we sponsored a roundabout

One of the most common and modern – yet seemingly strangely odd – ways of offline marketing has become the sponsorship of roundabouts.


Q&A: Josh Rathour, MD at UNiDAYS

Josh Rathour, MD at student discount business UNiDAYS, explains how he works with partners to create an effortless and seamless experience for customers in-store and online.

hamilton powell

A Lesson In How To Build An Online Luxury Brand

Founder & CEO of watch retailer Crown & Caliber, Hamilton Powell, tells eSeller how he built his business in the toughest market of all: luxury sold online.

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How Spreadshirt sells through marketplaces

Online clothing and accessories retailer Spreadshirt turns over nearly £60 million a year. Founder Philip Rooke explains how he boosts sales using third-party market places such as eBay and Amazon.


Q&A: Kate Olver of UStar Novels

eSeller interviews Kate Olver of UStar Novels, a global publishing company, to discover best practice for ecommerce businesses expanding acros international territories.

matt archer ICP Networks

Going global with Matt Archer of ICP Networks

American Matt Archer, born in San Fransisco and now living in leafy Cheshire, talks about how his company, ICP Networks, ‘accidentally’ became the sixth biggest networking equipment trader in the world.

false eyelashes

Christmas Q&A: Nick Whitmore of

Nick Whitmore, Managing Director of, speaks to us about how he copes with Christmas and lessons he’s learned from 2012. Questions devised by Martina Mercer When do you start to consider Christmas? What is your D Day? Because the products we stock tend to be used for Christmas parties as opposed to actual Christmas […]