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Adapting to mobile commerce user trends

Prabhat from Online Seller Wales explains how adapting to mobile commerce can boost sales because of shifting consumer behaviour and preferences.


UK retailers: How to crack China

The Asian market is vast and complex, but China in particular presents an opportunity for brands looking to diversify or expand internationally. Not only is it still a huge growth market, it’s also one of the leading countries for digital media consumption, with a cultural acceptance of paying for these services.


Top 5 Magento plugins

Magento offers a vast range of plugins – called extensions and add ons, depending on what they do. It is almost impossible to pick ‘the best’ so here is eSeller’s top 5 favourite extensions du jour… Read On: Exploit Google product listings on your Magento site Nine ways to get ‘global ready’ with Magento Enterprise […]


Magento Go

Magento is rapidly becoming the hosted e-commerce platform of choice. And it too comes with a range of plugins. So after Wordpress and Shopify, in the interests of fairness, let’s take a look at Magento Go and its range of plugins.

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Top 8 Shopify Plugins to power your business

Shopify, like many e-commerce and web hosting services can be made even more effective, powerful and personalized to your business simply by tapping into the massive number of plugin apps vying for your attention.

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Shifting to Shopify

Once you have established your etail store and are looking to develop what you do further, you need to look at some of the other platforms out there. One that is gaining a lot of interest is Shopify.


Top 8 WordPress e-commerce plugins

There are literally thousands of plug ins for WordPress to help develop your site from a simple blog to a proper e-comm entity. Here is our pick of the best to help you choose.


WordPress plugins: Plugging the gap

One of the easiest ways to get a website up and running is through WordPress. It offers a wide range of design styles and is a very easy interface that even the least web savvy can use.

Google shopping

How to exploit Google PLAs on your Magento website

Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) have become one of the most valuable sales channels for eCommerce retailers – and how they are used on a Magento built website can work wonders for your business.


8 (mostly) free plugins to boost your ecommerce business

Simon Horton of ecommerce add-on supplier, ShopIntegrator shares his favourite website plugins to help grow customer numbers and increase sales conversions. Best of all, most are freebies.


Drawing up a web design contract

Once you have found the right private web designer for your business, you need to draw up a contract between you and them to make sure that both of you know what you are doing, what is expected of each party and, frankly, to protect you both.


Choosing a web developer: Part 2 – what the developer needs to have

Once you have ascertained what you need to specify when looking to recruit a private web developer, you then need to turn your attention to what you need from them to fulfil these criteria.


Choosing a web developer: Part 1 – what you need

When looking to hire a freelance web developer, once you have exhausted what you can do with DIY web builders, you need to ask yourself a few questions about what you need and what you are looking for in a freelancer.

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Q&A: Josh Rathour, MD at UNiDAYS

Josh Rathour, MD at student discount business UNiDAYS, explains how he works with partners to create an effortless and seamless experience for customers in-store and online.

hamilton powell

A Lesson In How To Build An Online Luxury Brand

Founder & CEO of watch retailer Crown & Caliber, Hamilton Powell, tells eSeller how he built his business in the toughest market of all: luxury sold online.


How Spreadshirt sells through marketplaces

Online clothing and accessories retailer Spreadshirt turns over nearly £60 million a year. Founder Philip Rooke explains how he boosts sales using third-party market places such as eBay and Amazon.


Q&A: Kate Olver of UStar Novels

eSeller interviews Kate Olver of UStar Novels, a global publishing company, to discover best practice for ecommerce businesses expanding acros international territories.

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matt archer ICP Networks

Going global with Matt Archer of ICP Networks

American Matt Archer, born in San Fransisco and now living in leafy Cheshire, talks about how his company, ICP Networks, ‘accidentally’ became the sixth biggest networking equipment trader in the world.

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Christmas Q&A: Nick Whitmore of

Nick Whitmore, Managing Director of, speaks to us about how he copes with Christmas and lessons he’s learned from 2012. Questions devised by Martina Mercer When do you start to consider Christmas? What is your D Day? Because the products we stock tend to be used for Christmas parties as opposed to actual Christmas […]

Ian Monk Bathrooms

Customer buzz Q&A: Ian Monk of

Suzie Larcombe speaks to bathroom design company owner Ian Monk of to find out how they monitor what customers are saying about them.

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Feedback Q&A: Andrew Brown of DualMedia

Andrew Brown heads DualMedia, a company who create ecommerce sites specialising in RWD and SEO. One client recently sold their ecommerce store for millions of pounds after a redesign using his service.