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Top tips for effective SEO

The digital revolution has meant big changes in every sector, but shopping is one area that has undergone a complete transformation. The Guardian reported an 18% increase in online shopping in the UK this year, with shoppers of all ages making purchases on iPads and laptops rather than in store.


How to avoid a Marks and Spencer moment

With Marks and Spencer blaming its re-launched website for an 8% slump in online sales, Joe Doveton, Head of Conversion at Oban Multilingual shares five things no-one tells you about web conversion.

crm system

The pros and cons of CRM for SMEs

There is much to commend CRM systems to the small business owner, but its not a magic bullet. To decide whether you need it and what you need to implement from the wide range of suites of CRM software out there, you need to consider the pros and cons of CRM.


19 ways CRM can help your business

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools offer the small business the opportunity to punch above its weight and play in bigger markets.


What the devil is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and comprises software tools that let businesses manage the ‘relationship’ they have with their customers.

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How to run a contest in six easy steps

One way to get people interested in you, your products and services and for you to get hold of their details is to run a competition.


How to attract new customers

There are many things you can do to understand your existing customers and to keep them happy, but the key to business growth is through getting new customers to find your business and to start buying from it.


9 inventive ways to attract new customers

So you have already tried all the standard ways of reaching out to new customers and the results have been so-so. Or are you simply looking for new an inventive ways to get yourself in front of new consumers?


Where are your customers?

No business can thrive without customers, but how do you find out where they are and how can you start to pull them into your business? The first step is to find out who your customers are and where they currently are and that takes market research.


How a mix of payment options creates conversions

Supporting local payment methods is a simple and effective way to increase e-commerce conversion rates and reach. So why have so few traders embraced the opportunity to internationalise their business?

live chat 2

Best five live chat tools

So you want to implement Live Chat to enhance your customer service but not sure where to look? Here are our top five recommends of third party chat services that are good for beginners and SMEs.

live chat

Live chat pros and cons

Live chat is the email on steroids or silent telephone support that most businesses crave. It offers many advantages to both customers and businesses alike, but it also has some downsides.

Live chat console

How to implement live chat on your website

Live chat offers an array of benefits to your business, generating a much more effective customer service offering and, potentially letting your handle more FAQs and the like. It also provides you with data about what people are having trouble with – not least providing a written record of all the interactions you have.

Latest Business Profiles

Nodus team

Fulfilment Q&A: Nodus

eSeller interviews Nodus, a designer and manufacturer of phone and tablet cases, to find out why new ecommerce businesses are turning to outsourced fulfilment.

Fastlane 3

Two great examples of guest blogging

So who is doing a good job of using guest blogs to drive interest and content on the web? Here are a couple of very different examples that we here at eSeller like.


Why we sponsored a roundabout

One of the most common and modern – yet seemingly strangely odd – ways of offline marketing has become the sponsorship of roundabouts.


Q&A: Josh Rathour, MD at UNiDAYS

Josh Rathour, MD at student discount business UNiDAYS, explains how he works with partners to create an effortless and seamless experience for customers in-store and online.

Business Profiles

hamilton powell

A Lesson In How To Build An Online Luxury Brand

Founder & CEO of watch retailer Crown & Caliber, Hamilton Powell, tells eSeller how he built his business in the toughest market of all: luxury sold online.


How Spreadshirt sells through marketplaces

Online clothing and accessories retailer Spreadshirt turns over nearly £60 million a year. Founder Philip Rooke explains how he boosts sales using third-party market places such as eBay and Amazon.


Q&A: Kate Olver of UStar Novels

eSeller interviews Kate Olver of UStar Novels, a global publishing company, to discover best practice for ecommerce businesses expanding acros international territories.

matt archer ICP Networks

Going global with Matt Archer of ICP Networks

American Matt Archer, born in San Fransisco and now living in leafy Cheshire, talks about how his company, ICP Networks, ‘accidentally’ became the sixth biggest networking equipment trader in the world.

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